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Software and Books

Decision Analysis and Data Analysis

Software for Decision Analysis

Add-ins for
Microsoft® Excel®:
   TreePlan for Decision Trees
for Sensitivity Analysis
   SimVoi for Monte Carlo Simulation

On April 26, 2014, RiskSim was replaced by SimVoi for Monte Carlo Simulation.

Books, Papers, and Presentations for Decision Analysis

Selected chapters from a forthcoming book, Decision Analysis Using Microsoft® Excel®, by Michael R. Middleton,  available free for download.

Risk Analysis and the Expected Value of Perfect Information (1982)

Presentation at INFORMS conference, Austin, 2010
Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
Value of Information in Spreadsheet Monte Carlo Simulation Models"
     PDF file of PowerPoint® slides: Simulation and EVPI 2010.pdf
     XLSX file Excel® workbook: Simulation and EVPI 2010.xlsx

Books, Papers, and Presentations for
Data Analysis

Data Analysis Using Microsoft® Excel®: Updated for Office® XP, by Michael R. Middleton, available for purchase from Amazon and other booksellers.

Excel® Workbook: Data File for Data Analysis book.

PDF Files: Normal Probability Plots
Linear Trend Seasonal Forecast
  Chi-Square Test of Independence

Presentation at Decision Sciences Institute conference, San Diego, 2010
"Better Exponential Curve Fitting Using Excel®"

     PDF file of PowerPoint® slides: Exponential Curve Fit 2010.pdf
     XLSX file Excel® workbook: Exponential Curve Fit 2010.xlsx

Software for Data Analysis

Better Histogram, a free Excel® add-in for creating a better histogram from data on an Excel® worksheet.

Excel® Example Workbooks:
   Linear Trend Seasonal Forecast
   Quadratic Trend Seasonal Forecast
   Histogram With Normal Curve
   Shaded Normal Density Curves
   Multiple Axes Scientific Chart

   Chart With Four Different Axes


TreePlan Software: http://TreePlan.com
Email: Mike@TreePlan.com


1977-2008, Professor
School of Management
University of San Francisco
   Summer 2010 Exec MBA Course Outline
   Brief Curriculum Vitae 2011

Stanford University, Graduate School of Business
Stanford University, Operations Research
University of Iowa, Business
Iowa State University, Electrical Engineering


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